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Lin Wanjiong started as an engineer. His rational, persistent and innovative personality has aided his lifelong commitment to the study of machinery and electronics. Transforming his hobby into a career, enjoying the fulfillments of every tiny invention, his interests have motivated him to pursue his dreams.
At the age of 27, He invented the automatic ship lifter (DZK-15A), which has been widely recognized and in general use throughout the country. He won first prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements for this invention, and was an authorized contributor towards the National Standards for ‘Horizontal Automatic Doors’. He also won the prize for Entrepreneurship at the Ningbo Science and Technology Industrialist Competition in 1994.
In 1993, Mr. Lin established SELF Electronics—the first company in China that specialized in the design and manufacture of infrared automatic induction lights, with all products exported to Europe. Under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Lin, SELF Group has always taken a considered, comprehensive approach to its global marketing strategy, overcoming many challenges and obstacles.

Besides creativity and rigor, Mr. Lin also appreciates the spirit of sharing and devotion: "Wealth is a social attribute - it comes from society, but it also needs to be given back to society, and we do this with great gratitude and humility."