Differential Ripple Lens
Traditional Fresnel optical technology
Fresnel optical technology was firstly used on lighthouses in Atlantic seaports, as it has been used widely until now on lighthouses, detectors etc. for its high efficiency, small size, and good focusing performance.
Differential Ripple Lens of SELF company
Fresnel optical technology cannot be directly applied in ceiling lighting, SELF is the first company in the lighting industry to improve Fresnel optical technology, through our revolutionary secondary innovation, finally we developed our new Differential Ripple Lens, which was inspired by the traditional Fresnel lens and can be used in ceiling lighting.
Complex design and highly precise equipment for production.
To ensure the quality of optical lenses, a large amount of mathematical multiple differential calculations are required during the design of new lens. A mathematical model is built up for the location of each point on the lens and eventually those points together form the ripple shape of the lens. The nan scale equipment is also necessary in the developing process, which is independently developed by SELF company and not available on the market.
Differential Ripple Lens
Inspired by the Fresnel lens, SELF presents our new patented optical lens – Differential Ripple Lens. The name of the lens comes from the multiple differential calculations carried out for the lens shape, which resembles a droplet falling into the water.