Multi-functions in one, MULTIFRIO SERIES was designed to satisfy lighting requirements of all types of cooler and shelves-systems.
  • Vertical cooler and freezer & Horizontal Cooler
  • Multi-desk Cooler & Shelf
  • Shelf & Horizontal Cooler
Brilliant White
for Refrigerated display Lighting

· High CRI, Ra typ.93, R9 50

· High Rf 88, Rg 100

· LED efficacy up to 160lm/W

· Color coordinate below the blackbody locus enhance the color appearance of the illuminated products


Hundreds of colours of fish and meat,

Thousands of colours of vegetables and fruits,

Millions of colours of groceries,

All can be shown by Brilliant White.

  • CRI:80(TYP)

  • Brilliant White

  • CRI:80(TYP)

  • Brilliant White

  • CRI:80(TYP)

  • Brilliant White

Patented Optical Design Provides Lighting Uniformity
Adopting wall-wash technology in the optical design, MULTIFRIO generates homogeneous light rays which results uniform lighting effect at the objects in the cooler.
Key Feature
  • Waterproof

  • Luminaire efficacy

  • High CRI